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Lady Sybil Ramkin

This Who's Who was originally featured in Issue 109 - May 2006

I wonder if Terry had any idea how far Lady Sybil would develop as a character when he created her for Guards! Guards! as the local Dragon expert. Several years on from Guards! Guards! and now a mother Lady Sybil is still looking after the vast majority of Ankh-Morpork's population of rather sad (highly explosive) swamp dragons.

Whilst Sybil often shows a firm upper lip, she also has a very fragile side to her.

Her relationship with Sam Vimes appeared at first to be extremely unlikely. After all she is a lady and he is a drunken thief-taker. But under Terry's skilful direction their relationship has developed and blossomed into one of the more enduring features of the series. This relationship has proved time and time again to be the anchor that has prevented Sam from pushing things too far.

Sybil is the result of many generations of producing sturdy girls suitable for marriage. Many a Ramkin lady has endured frightful conditions to ensure their husbands are properly looked after, including serving a dinner party whilst the enemy were knocking down the barricades.

Sybil must be a very lonely person (even though she has young Sam) as she spends much of her time waiting / worrying about Sam while he takes all sorts of risks with his life in his line of duty.

Whilst Sybil often shows a firm upper lip, she also has a very fragile side to her. Something which Sam Vimes often misses, for example the attempted hijack of their coach in The Fifth Elephant.

Sybil also has some bizarre senses of wifely duty that she feels she must perform and this can often be seen when she it darning Sam's socks at night (even when they could afford to buy new socks every day).

I think that Sybil would be able to do pretty much anything she puts her mind to. In The Fifth Elephant she proved to be a very talented negotiator, a very useful diplomat and is able to command attention when required.

Favourite quote:

'Oh, her,' said Vimes gloomily. 'I think I've seen her around. The one with the "Whinny If you Love Dragons" sticker on the back of her carriage?'

'That's her. She's mental.' said Sergeant Colon.