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Hushed Hogfather 2016

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If you don't know what a Hushed Hogfather Event is, let us explain. It's a Secret Santa type event.

What's a Secret Santa event? Some offices used to run them every year. You get the name of a colleague (who you may not know very well) and you get to make / purchase them a small gift. The present goes into a sack and because everyone takes part, you will receive a present from the sack bought just for you by another work colleague. It could be anything from a rubber duck to a diamond bracelet. The challenge has always been to give something that everyone will like. There is usually a budget for each gift to ensure balance.

The difference between an office Secret Santa and Discworld Monthly's Hushed Hogfather is that the Hushed Hogfather event is done by post (rather than at the office party) and everyone is a Discworld fan. So it should be easy to put together a parcel for a Discworld fan? Yes? Maybe? No?

Last year, the best parts of the Hushed Hogfather event were seeing what everyone got as their present, hearing from the senders about how much fun they had choosing the gifts and how much the recipients enjoyed receiving them.

Everyone posted photos of their presents on our Hushed Hogfather Facebook album. This year we will be asking you to send your photos to the Hushed Hogfather team via email and the photos will be put in an album on our Facebook page.

How do I take part?

To take part please register via the special Hushed Hogfather email address hh2016@discworldmonthly.co.uk – we are only accepting registrations via this email address, you cannot register in any other way. The closing date for registration is: 21ST OCTOBER 2016.

In your email please state: your name, the gender you identify yourself as, your email address, your home address and whether you wish to send to your home country or if you you are happy to send worldwide! (Please use the email address you use most often as the Hushed Hogfather team will need to contact you!)

Once you've registered, there will be a waiting period. The team have to wait until after the closing date for registration before they start telling you who you have to send a Hushed Hogfather parcel to.

Once we get to the closing date the Hushed Hogfather team will allocate senders and receivers based on your preferences and you will then receive a single email from the team telling you: the gender, age range and general location (ie country) of your recipient. You will not get their address at this stage!

You will have 21 days to put together your parcel. (Please read the Bad Parcel/Good Parcel list for ideas.) As soon as you have your parcel ready to send, you need to email the Hushed Hogfather team a photo of your parcel. Once the team have seen the photo of your parcel, you’ll be given the address to send it to. Where possible, please remember to keep the name of your recipient and your own name secret.

Then you have to actually send the parcel! Make sure you get proof of posting just in case anything goes missing in the post.

Once you have sent your parcel, you have one last job. When you receive a parcel, you MUST take a photo and send it to the Hushed Hogfather team (you can add a caption or send a message with it to be posted with the photo.) The Hushed Hogfather team will then upload it to the Facebook page. This is really important as it shows your Hushed Hogfather that you have received their lovingly created parcel (It also soothes worried minds) ...

Important! Please Pay Attention!

We all appreciate that this time of year is expensive, which is why we have a suggested maximum spend value for all Hushed Hogfather Parcels. This makes it affordable for all to take part.

This year the suggested Max Value is: 10 GBP / 13.30 USD / 12 EUROS / 17.50 AUD or 17.25 CAN (or whatever 10 GBP translates to in your local currency). The Hushed Hogfather team suggest that postage is not included in this value so please remember to consider postage costs.

If at any point you feel you cannot send your gift please get in contact with us as soon as possible and we’ll reallocate your recipient so they don’t miss out.

Bad Parcel / Good Parcel.

Last year there were some issues with items being sent to people that were not suitable, so this year the team have created a list of items to advise you on what is suitable for a Hushed Hogfather parcel.

Bad Parcel List (items to avoid)

Good Parcel List

Anything that doesn't belong to the Bad Parcel list (for example: books, artwork, cuddly toys etc etc etc – it really is up to your imagination).

Finally, a summary:

Remember you must register via this email address only hh2016@discworldmonthly.co.uk

The closing date for registration is: 21ST OCTOBER 2016.

Read all of the above.

The Hushed Hogfather is all about having fun sharing a bit of seasonal cheer. Last year was brilliant fun – let’s make this year even better.

The team are really looking forward to seeing all your pictures...

Happy Hogswatch!