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Discworld Monthly - Issue 65: September 2002

Table of Contents:

1. Editorial
2. News
3. Readers' Letters
4. Birthday Trivia Part 10
5. November Signing Tour Dates
6. Review: Strata on Audio Books
7. Review: Discworld Convention 2002
8. The End

1. Editorial

Welcome to issue 65. Last month we made the rather rash statement that The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents was not an official Discworld Novel. Obviously we received many letters pointing out the folly of our ways. Most notable of these letters came from Terry which simply states:

"Admittedly it contains no (human) characters found in the other books, but it's set in a country on Discworld and there are a few other clues here and there, too. Discworld is big enough for things to happen that don't involve Vimes, Rincewind and co., and frankly, the health of the series depends on that being so. It is published for children and is out of the mainstream of the series, but TAMAHER is a Discworld novel. -- Terry Pratchett"

This month I have had the privilege of reading a book proof of Night Watch and listening to Strata on ISIS audio books. Look out for reviews of both next month.

Jason Anthony (Editor)
William Barnett (Deputy Editor)
Richard Massey (Plastination candidate)

2. News

From Colin Smythe: For those who have not yet come across it, Terry has an article called 'Cult Classic' in MEDITATIONS ON MIDDLE-EARTH, edited by Karen Haber, New York: St Martin's Press, 2001, hardcover (ISBN 0-312-27536-6). It will be published in the US in paperback in October 2002. It is already available for download to Adobe and Microsoft readers. I gather it was published in Britain as a paperback by Earthlight (an imprint of Simon & Schuster) in May 2002 (ISBN 0-7432-3100-7).

[You can read what Terry had to say at greenbooks.theonering.net/tributes/files/pratchett_med.html - Ed]

Wadfest 2002 will take place in Ambergate, Derbyshire on 27th, 28th and 29th September 2002. Hailed as a Discworld experience, Wadfest will be an opportunity to camp out with other Discworld fans. Events include a magic show, caroc reading, luggage wars and apparently a lot more.

The event costs 5GBP per person for the weekend's camping and admission. For more information contact:

Vic Wadmore, C/O 210 College Street, Long Eaton, Notts, NG10 4GW Email:
- Correct

There will be a gathering of Discworld fans at The Cunning Artificers in Wincanton, Somerset on the 7th and 8th of December 2002. The full range of feastive events, maskerade with prizes included, will be taking place, with a supper in the pub on Saturday night. Thud will of course be being played for both fun and competition. We will keep you informed of more details as they are finalised. In the meantime visit www.artificer.co.uk for more information.

The Square Drama Circle will be performing Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett. Performaces are on Thursday 24th October, Friday 25th October and Saturday 26th at the Square Methodist Church Hall, Dunstable at 7.45pm.

Tickets are available by calling 01582 537223. The cost is 4.50 GBP for adults, 3.50 GBP for concession and 12.00 GBP for families (2 adults, 2 children).

Maverick Youth Arts are performing productions of Men at Arms and Wyrd Sisters in Poole, Dorset at the end of September. The plays are being performed in St Joeseph's Church Hall, 2A Archway Road, Poole.

Dates are: Tuesday 24th & Friday 27th September - Wyrd Sisters Wednesday 25th & Saturday 28th September - Men At Arms

Tickets cost 4 GBP for Adults and 2.50 GBP for concessions.

Advance booking can be made via or by phoning 07867-612615

A new Discworld (message board based) RPG is up and running. It is called "Discworld:The Online Game" or "DW:TOG". All fans are welcome to join. For more information visit: groups.msn.com/DiscworldTheOnLineGame

Small Ads....

Please note, DWM has no way of checking the veracity or validity of any of the items in our small ads section. As always, exercise caution when giving out your details over the Internet. We *strongly* recommend parental supervision for younger readers who
follow up any of these contacts.

Rob Westwood writes: I still have things left over from my last Small Ad, plus one other.

1) A TP signed Hardback copy of 'Thief of Time' made out 'To Rob' - so it makes a great gift to anyone called Rob! 10 GBP. 2) The first Discworld PC Game. Rare FLOPPY DISK edition. 15 GBP. 3) Equal Rites 1000 piece Jigsaw. 7 GBP.

Brian L. Aguilar writes: My name is Brian and I am a Pratchett fan from Texas. I will be doing a month of research in London in April next year and I would truly appreciate it if other Discworld fans could give me a list of places to go to in London or nearby cities for anything Discworld related.

Liz writes: My friend and I have just created a Discworld forum (we're planning a webpage too, whenever we find time). Currently we don't have very many members (but then we're only about a month old) so we're looking for ways to advertise our site. Visit: pub7.ezboard.com/bthemagicofdiscworld

Laurie Gutteridge writes: I have a rare 1000 piece Spears jigsaw from 1995 for sale. Few were produced, and it is NOT one of the Gibsons puzzles currently available! It features the artwork from Reaper Man and has the product code MS 52263. I have seen others from the series of four go for over fifty pounds on Ebay, and so am willing to accept forty, plus postage and packing. This would make a great addition to anyones collection.

Blackdrop writes: A new discworld message board has been created on the 'purplesky messageboards' site for all budding Terry Pratchett fans to come and meet each other. This is the best community and simplest to navigate if you want to leave messages on anything at all. Join instantly at groups.msn.com/PurpleskyMessageBoards/utopia.msnw for instant Discworld satisfaction.

Elliot Fry writes: I am a dedicated Pratchett (4 hrs in the freezing cold) fan, 14 years old. Wherever I go I hear the painful question who is Terry Pratchett? I would love to email someone else and discuss Pratchett etc, male or female, any age. I also like Offspring, Monty Python, Ben Elton and Samuel B. Parker (author) please email only if you have something to write about, I don't like writing 4 paragraphs of Yes, I totally agree.

3. Readers' Letters

If you have any letters/comments, please email

We assume any correspondence is eligible for use in the newsletter unless otherwise stated, including the sender's email address. We may also edit your letters (sounds of William farting).

It is vitally important that you don't pass off other people's work as your own. If you use information from other resources please let us know so we can give proper credit.

This month we have a Clarecraft key ring to give away. Clarecraft have a long history of making models of Discworld Characters. For more information about all Clarecraft products visit their web site at www.clarecraft.co.uk

* From: "Martin"
Great news about the Carnegie Medal. Definite proof that the literary award-giving fraternity are impressed by splitting a book into chapters.

* From: "Alex"
I hate to ask the obvious, but how can there be such a thing as a "Non Fiction book on Dragons"? Unless you are referring to the large lizards.

* From: "Joel Brackenbury"
I don't think anyone's mentioned this on here, but you probably all remember an interview with PTerry a year or two ago in which he said that a "major character" was going to die in an upcoming book. There was even a poll here at the time which revealed most people thought it would be Vetinari (My money was on Ridcully).

Anyway, The Last Hero features the death of Cohen the Barbarian. Is this what he was talking about? Cohen was never exactly one of his most prominent characters, but even so.

* From: "Isabella"
I listen to the Isis taped book versions of TP. Recently, my 8 year old son Michael demanded to listen to Guards! Guards! He absolutely loved it. But every minute or so, he shouts out Question and I have to stop the tape and explain some cultural reference or some joke or whatever. This experience has reminded me all over again how richly textured TP's work is. It is most irritating listening in this stop start way, but I do it with a smile. It's great that TP is part of my son's education - although the word education doesn't cross Michael's mind when he listens. To him it's pure entertainment. We have listened to Soul Music too. Now my son wants to listen to all the books in the order in which they were written. I have two questions.

Where can I find a comprehensive list of the Discworld books in the order in which they were written? I don't read print on paper so I need it in electronic form. Are there any other very young Discworld fans out there?

DWM replies: The Colour of Magic, The Light Fantastic, Equal Rites, Mort, Sourcery, Wyrd Sisters, Pyramids, Guards! Guards!, Eric, Moving Pictures, Reaper Man, Witches Abroad, Small Gods, Lords and Ladies, Men at Arms, Soul Music, Interesting Times, Maskerade, Feet of Clay, Hogfather, Jingo, The Last Continent, Carpe Jugulum, The Fifth Elephant, The Truth, Thief of Time, The Last Hero, The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, Night Watch (November) & Wee Free Men (next year).

* From: "Irene"
I read The Dark Side in the last century, at the same time as the first Discworld novels, and I have always liked it a lot. I have heard readers voice complaints and disappointment about it before, but I was always glad to have SOME other kind of work by Terry, back when he was less busy (although I later saw the many parallels and allusions - or pre-visions? - to Discworld). I might also be mixing it up with Strata at the moment, since I read them at the same time, but I actually appreciate(d) the fact that it takes some time to find the way "into" the(se) book(s). It's more challenging, and of course a, if not the most important Sci-Fi tradition: creating sth. new (alternative worlds / futures) without writing "now this could be compared to our = Earth 2000 thingy, that means he/she is shooting sth. like a weapon". Challenging, in a nutshell, the reader, preconceptions, the mind, the imagination. What do you think?

DWM replies: We think that Irene should get Letter of the Month.

* From: "Rodney Simba"
I know you guys are gonna hate me coz this is probably gonna mean initially more work for you guys but I noticed alot of people are stuck in the non-tradition PTerry strongholds... (ok ok i mean America mainly but the rest of the world also included there) and there are alot of people who want to talk to other Discworld fans. I checked on your site (not thoroughly though) but wouldn't it be a good idea to create some kind of list where people who subscribe can post like their area and what not and find people to talk to without having to go into the chat rooms and stuff... I think this might be popular with those in the barren wastelands of America such as myself.

* From: "John O'Neill"
Hi I am making an enquiry about DW88 DEATH as Beau Nidle, in all the pictures I have seen of this piece his hat is white, but the one I have just purchased has a black hat. Is there any difference?

DWM replies: You should contact Clarecraft and ask them. As I found out at the convention often the original photo graph is of a piece that has been modified slightly. Your piece could be worth more that you realize.

* From: "Duncan Macdonald"
Once upon a time there was a book called Strata and it was good, but along came Discworld and Truckers and Sci-Fi vanished; conquered by fantasy. 'Will it ever return' they whisper in mining asteroids throughout the Galaxy? In a dark and hidden corner of the Pratchett mind does it linger, bursting to come forth, I wonder?

* From:
Just a quick query - I noticed someone was selling the CD Discworld Noir game and the ad mentioned a DVD version. I have the orginal CD version and from experience there's a known bug in the game (at least with mine there is) - the game hangs. Do you know if the fact that it's now available on DVD implies that the bug's been fixed?

DWM replies: When the game came out on budget it was in a DVD case but it was still only on CDs.

* From: "Bob Powell"
First, about the horses and humans running. In a short sprint, over a very short distance, a good human sprinter could outdistance most breeds, but probably not a Quarter Horse. This breed is specifically bred for rapid acceleration. Anyone who has ever seen a professional level quarter work, knows that his (or her) initial acceleration is achieved by a "Jump Start". Them suckers leap, and probably clear five feet or more on their first stride.

Further, over hilly terrain and long distance, a human would beat most breeds, except Arabs, who have incredible endurance.

So, bottom line, what breed of horse, and what type of course?

* From: "Peter van Dranen"
I recently wanted to buy some new Terry Pratchett pocket books, and was shocked to see a new design (instead of the good ol' Kirby covers) and a very bad design too.. They even changed some of the old ones (Feet of Clay and sorts).

Why is this? I know mister Kirby has passed away, but why go for a totally uninteresting design? Do you have any thoughts on why they didn't go to a new fantasy painter for the covers?

I hope they change the designs back soon :(

* From: "aidan bramald"
This may be a question that has been asked before, if so I apologise for being thick. Are there any plans to make another Discworld PC game? I have played Discworld, Discworld II and Discworld Noir and enjoyed them all thoroughly. I am not normally into computer games and only tried the first one out of curiosity as I'm an avid Discworld fan. I would also be grateful if any of your readers could let meknow of any similar games.

DWM replies: We haven't heard of any future Discworld Games being developed.

* From: "Andrew & Janice"
Well back from the Discworld Convention, and what a fantastic convention it was- my first, but definitely not my last. I'm the one who accosted you on the mezzanine (ooh err, missus!) at the Sunday signing session to compliment you on Discworld Monthly while you were playing Thud, sorry I couldn't bring your actual name to mind, or buy you a pint (I would have done if I wasn't in the queue, honest!).

To all who couldn't make it to the convention I'd like to pass on my most sincere ridicule: "Ha Ha", to quote Nelson from The Simpsons. I would very strongly recommend that everyone try to make it to at least one DW convention some time in their lives. You don't have to be a geek or Trekker/ie - I'm not - although it does seem to be somewhat the norm. Everyone of whatever ilk is made welcome and any PTerry fan will have a weekend they will never forget- I know I did!

JA replies: I would like to thank Andrew and everone else said "Hi" at the Convention.

* From: "milton sharman"
I wath wunderin thur, isth there a plcth for those who wisth to learn more abouth igoring?

4. Birthday Trivia Part 10

This is the final instalment of five questions from my birthday trivia quiz. All questions were written by William Barnett so if the answers are wrong, once again blame him.

What have I got in my pocket?
What animals feature on Ankh-Morpork's crest?
What do the following have in common: Carter the baker, Baker the weaver, Tailor the other weaver, Weaver the thatcher and Jason Ogg?
Complete Magrat's daughter's name: Esmerelda Margaret something something of Lancre.
Gammer Dismass, Mrs Singe, Biddy Spective, Goodie Filter and Sister Grodley are all what?

The answers can of course be found in the final section of the newsletter.

5. November Signing Tour Dates

Terry will be visiting the following locations on a signing tour for the next Discworld novel Night Watch in November.

Saturday 2 November 1.00pm
Forbidden Planet, 71 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1DG

Tuesday 5 November 4.30-5.30pm
WH Smith, The Arndale Centre, Manchester M4 3AD

Wednesday 6 November 12.30-1.30pm
Borders, 94-96 Briggate, Leeds LS1 6NP

Wednesday 6 November 5.00-6.00pm
Hammicks, 15 James Street, Harrogate HG1 1QS

Thursday 7 November 4.30pm
Waterstone's, 128 New Street, Birmingham B2 2DB

Friday 8 November 12.30-1.30pm
Waterstone's, 22 Cathedral Lanes, Broadgate, Coventry CV1 1LL

Friday 8 November 5.00-6.00pm
Ottakar's, 9 The Square, Market Harborough LE16 7PA

6. Review: Strata on Audio Books

ISIS have recently released Strata in audio book format and as usual it is read by Stephen Briggs. Strata was chosen as it appears to be the genesis of the Discworld series and therefore most interesting to Discworld fans.

It has been many years since I read Strata and I found I had forgotten most of the story. So as a brief reminder, Strata tells the tale of a group of explorers discovering a disc shaped man made world, with small models of the planets making complex orbits around the system. The explorers crash land (after being hit by one of the planets) on the disc and attempt to make their way to the disc's centre to discover the secrets of the disc.

Terry obviously used some of the ideas from Strata in the Discworld series or at least developed them in the fisrt place, with obvious references to the rimfall and directions such as 'hubwise'.

Whilst Terry doesn't tend to swear that much (or a least keeps it quite mild) in the Discworld novels it was quite surprising to hear some relativly strong swearing (although it wasn't excessive) in this book.

Stephen gets better with each reading and is obviously finding the ISIS books great fun to read. He always has clearly defined voices that make it obvious who is talking in any conversation. I hate to imagine how much spit there must have been on the microphone when he did the voice of Silver (with her fangs in place).

ISIS have once again made an excellent recording. Strata fits on six cassettes and lasts around six and a half hours which should keep you entertained for even the longest of journeys.

Strata costs 19.99GBP + 2.50GBP post and packing. For more information about this and other Discworld audio books visit www.isis-publishing.co.uk or call 0800 731 5637.

7. Review: Discworld Convention 2002

The third Discworld Convention took place at the Hanover International Hotel at Hinkley, Leicestershire from Friday 16th to Monday 19th August 2002.

Almost seven hundred Discworld fans from around the world converged on the hotel for one of the most enjoyable weekends of the year.

For many it was the chance to meet up with old friends and for others it was a chance to make new friends. And for most it was a chance to consume copious amounts of alcohol.

The opening ceremony was on Friday night and everyone who went to the ceremony was given a mask with a photo of Terry on it (with the eyes cut out) so when Terry came on stage he found himself staring into a sea of Terrys.

Later that night Terry read extracts from the book after Night Watch called Wee Free Men (which is another children's novel set on the Discworld).

Saturday was the most event filled day with activities starting from 8am and going on until midnight. Events included interviews with various Discworld celebrities such as Bernard Pearson, Paul Kidby, Colin Smythe and Stephen Briggs (who read a short extract from the new novel Night Watch with such grace it seems obvious why ISIS snapped him up to read their excellent audio books). There were also Who wants to be a Discworld Millionaire, The Maskerade Parade, a moving tribute to Josh Kirby and of course the Discworld Fandom meeting (run by myself and Elisabeth Alway from GOFAD) which attracted around half a dozen fans and probably wasn't the highlight of the whole event for most people. The Maskerade proved popular and some of the costumes were amazing, from Ruby the Troll to the myriad Granny Weatherwaxes.

For me one of the most enjoyable activities in the program was the Church of Om's Religious Worship on Sunday morning, led by Peter Johnson (from ISIS), Bernard Peason and Mole. Singing "All you need is Om" on Sunday morning after drinking heavily the night before is a strange feeling. I'm not sure why I got selected as an example of almost every sin that the priests could think of.

Sunday had the inevitable charity auction which ended up having so many lots that it had to be finished on Monday. The two hour auction had such items as Terry's computer keyboard that was used to write Pyramids and Sourcery and most of Wyrd Sisters which was sold for 125 GBP. The item that raised most money on the Sunday auction was a wonderful tapestry of the Librarian made by a member of the committee which Terry bought for 1000 GBP. I understand just over 8000 GBP was made for charity in just two hours. I had to leave before the auction completed on the Monday so was unable to see what bargains were available.

Sunday night saw the Vampire Ball. Whilst I personally didn't attend the ball I did have the opportunity of seeing the diners in their finery. For any non Convention hotel guests it must have been a very strange sight, seeing hundreds of people dressed up as vampires.

Unfortunately I was unable to stay for the closing ceremony which included Paul A Rood (the Convention organizer) being covered with Banana Whip. Paul then announced his retirement from organizing Discworld Conventions (probably not because of the banana whip) and was given two swords as a gift from the committee. Terry also announced that there would be a 2004 Convention at the same hotel and over the same weekend so keep August 20-23 clear in your 2004 diary. We only have to wait around 700 days.

I found the whole weekend to be highly enjoyable and very relaxing. It was wonderful seeing so many people enjoying themselves so much.

I would also like to thank Paul A Rood and his team for making this weekend run so smoothly. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he was always making sure everyone was happy.

With so much going on I only got to see a small amount of the events on offer. It really was a fun packed weekend. If you get the opportunity to go to the 2004 Convention I suggest you take it.

Pictures from the Convention should soon appear on the Convention web site at www.dwcon.org in the mean time some photos can be found at www.colm.buckley.name/album/DWCon2002/

8. The End

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* Birthday Trivia Results *

What have I got in my pocket?
A ring

What animals features on Ankh-Morpork's crest?
Hippos and an Owl

What do the following have in common: Carter the baker, Baker the weaver, Tailor the other weaver, Weaver the thatcher and Jason Ogg?
They're the Lancre Morris Men

Complete Magrat's daughter's name: Esmerelda Margaret something something of Lancre.
Note Spelling

Gammer Dismass, Mrs Singe, Biddy Spective, Goodie Filter and Sister Grodley are all what?

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