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Terry Pratchett - Collectors Bibliography

This page contains a complete list (to our knowledge) of all the UK Variants Terry Pratchett's published books. It includes screenplays, graphic novels and playscripts.

We have included details of editions printed for the Antipodean Market that were printed in the UK as some managed to seep out into UK stores.

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Discworld Novels

The Colour of Magic

The Light Fantastic

The Colour of Magic/The Light Fantastic Omnibuses

Equal Rites



Wyrd Sisters


Guards! Guards!

Faust Eric

Editions listed are not illustrated unless stated otherwise

Moving Pictures

Reaper Man

Witches Abroad

Small Gods

Lords and Ladies

Men At Arms

Soul Music

Interesting Times


Feet of Clay



  • The Last Continent (1998)
  • The Last Continent

  • Carpe Jugulum (1998)
  • Carpe Jugulum

    The Fifth Elephant

  • The Truth (2000)
  • The Truth

  • Thief of Time (2001)
  • The Last Hero (2001)
  • The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents (2001)
  • Night Watch (2002)
  • The Wee Free Men (2003) (also in illustrated edition as The Illustrated Wee Free Men (2008))
  • Monstrous Regiment (2003)
  • A Hat Full of Sky (2004)
  • Going Postal (2004)
  • Thud! (2005)
  • Wintersmith (2006)
  • Making Money (2007)
  • Unseen Academicals (2009)
  • I Shall Wear Midnight (2010)
  • Snuff (2011)
  • Raising Steam (2013)
  • The Shepherd's Crown (2015)
  • Diaries

    Colouring Books

    Illustrated Screenplays



    Science books

    Folkore Books

    Plays as adapted by Stephen Briggs

    Plays as adapted by Irana Brown

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