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What does it Cost?

Subscription is free we subsidise our costs by totally optional subscriber donations via our paypal account and through selling our fully licenced products.

How do I Subscribe?

Enter your email address in the box above and then click on the subscribe button. You will be sent an email with an unique link within it that you must click to confirm you are the owner of the email address you wish to use.


  • Discworld Monthly uses a double opt-in mailing list system. This means that when you request to subscribe the software will send an email to the address you enter with an unique link in it. Until you click that link you are not subscribed. This prevents somebody from adding you to the mailing list without you knowing.
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Changing Email Addresses

If you wish to change the email address you subscribe under you will need to unsubscribe the old address and then re-subscribe using the new email address. We don't have the facility to change email addresses, sorry!