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Meet The Team

This page is an index for the volunteers that help to produce Discworld Monthly. Without the amazing enthusiasm of these dedicated volunteers Discworld Monthly simply wouldn't happen.

  • Jason Anthony

    Jason is Editor / Chief Writer of the monthly newsletter and also admin of the Facebook page.

  • Rachel Rowlands

    Rachel is news hound / graphics designer / Hushed Hogfather organiser / social media manager and Jason rangler. Rachel is Doctor Watson to Jason's Holmes, Robin to his Batman and Penny to his Inspector Gadget...

  • William Barnett

    William (aka Bill) is Discworld Monthly's Proof Reader. Bill is also very good at telling Jason he is being stupid and lets him know if something is inappropriate or needs removing / reworking.

    Bill also thinks he is the funniest member of the team. We don't tell him otherwise and sometimes even let some of his comments into the newsletter.

    Bill is on Facebook but his account is so locked down even he doesn't know how to find it. He does apparently only have one friend on Facebook so in that regard it is very much like his real life.

  • Richard Massey

    We're not really sure what Richard does, to be totally honest. Richard, apparently, isn't sure what he does either. In the past he was the readers' letters editor - but that role reverted back to Jason some time ago.

    Richard's role appears to change regularly and bizarrely in the past some of the roles he has been accredited with included:

    • Cake Taster
    • Volume Controller
    • Games Master
    • Board Games Consultant
    • Bored Games Consultant
    • Happy Hippy Man

    Richard is also the oldest member of the team by a number of years! We are not saying he is old but he does keep getting pestered by SAGA.

  • Marie Gallagher

    Marie hosts the Discworld Monthly mailing list software. She is the network wizard that ensures when Jason hits the send button complex and weird daemons work their arcane magic and the mailing list emails are split into small bundles and posted out every few minutes (so as not to overwhelm the myriad mail servers).

    See more about Marie at her facebook page.