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The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret

Discworld Monthly - Issue 28: August 1999

Table of Contents:

1. Editorial
2. News
3. Readers' Letters
4. Review: Clarecraft Discworld Event 1999
5. Results of last month's - CMOT Briggs Competition
6. Recommendations
7. DiscTrivia
8. Review: The Science of Discworld - Second Opinion
9. The End

1. Editorial

Welcome to issue 28.

An unwanted (and unexpected) email was posted to all subscribers on Monday 28th June 1999 because of a misunderstanding with our list provider. I have removed the calendar option (which caused the mailing) from our account so this should never happen again. Please accept my apologies in this matter.

Jason Anthony (Editor)
William Barnett (Deputy Editor)
Richard Massey (Sub Editor)

2. News

Discworld Noir was launched last month with very little publicity (i.e. we are still awaiting our review and competition copies but will include a review as soon as we get them).

We have heard that there is a bug in the game which makes it unable to run on the original version of Windows 95, Windows 95a. GT Interative are working an a patch but have not suggested when it will be available. If you want to get the game in the meantime visit http://discworldmonthly.co.uk/discworldnoir.html for a special offer. Please note that this offer is only applicable until the 14th August 1999.

At last, South Africa joins the civilised world with (as far as we know) the first ever African Meet. The date is Saturday 21st August 1999 from 5.00PM at the Outback Bar and Grill, 135 Rivonia Road, Sandton, Johannesburg. Any Discworld fans are welcome to join in. For directions email

The 10th July issue of New Scientist had an essay about The Science of Discworld: "In "The Science of Discworld", Pratchett teams up with biologist Jack Cohen and mathematician Ian Stewart. Together they explore what happens when a bunch of imaginary beings steeped in the principles of magic discover our own brand of science..." www.newscientist.com/ns/19990710/theworldof.html

Acon Media Publishing is now taking pre-orders for the American release of Cosgrove Hall's Wyrd Sisters video. The set is priced at 39.95 USD and includes all six episodes. For more infor call Acorn Media on 1-800-999-0212 or email:

The World Collectors Net currently has a competition in their magazine to win some Discworld sculptures from Clarecraft at www.worldcollectorsnet.com/magazine

Little Theatre present Terry Pratchett's Mort, adapted by Stephen Briggs at the Playhouse Theatre, Bath Road, Cheltenham from 23-30 October. Box Office (01242-522852). For further details, contact Nick Mazonowicz at or visit the web site at www.playhouse.demon.co.uk

If you are interested in obtaining a rare copy of your favourite author Terry Pratchett in Bulgarian for your personal collection, you can visit THE FIRST BULGARIAN BOOKSTORE ON THE INTERNET at the address: www.ablen.com/bookstore/authors/

Small Ads....

"mott shmutt" ( ) says: There has been some talk about starting a local PTerry fan club in South Africa. I have put forward the idea of having the meet at the up and coming Oppikoppi festival 6-9 Aug 1999, (www.Oppikoppi.co.za), but have not heard back from anyone. What could be a better venue: great music, good food, Tassenberg and all the Black Label you can consume? please let me know what you guys think about having a meet at the festival.

The web site www.bubblegun.com currently has an interview with Terry on it.

"Sharon Edmonds" ( ) has the first two Discworld games and the hint book for the 2nd game for sale. Sharon no longer has a PC so is willing to part with them for any reasonable offer.

"Crimson" ( ) is looking for a m/f penpal who likes sci-fi and fantasy.

"Brett McFarlane" ( ) is looking for Discworld clubs in New Zealand, and also wants to know where you can obtain the movies.

"Francesco" ( ) is moving to London next September (having visited several times before) to find a job, and will be looking for any social activity involving Discworld / Pratchett where she could sign in (fan clubs, theatre plays, etc...).

"Rid cully12" ( ) invites everyone to join his new club at clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/theunseenuniversitygalaxy

"Andi Cope" ( ) is looking for any other Discworld Fans to chat to (female if poss). His favourite character is Esme Weatherwax and his favourite book is Wyrd Sisters.

"Agent Clossick" ( ) a Pratchett/ X-Files/ Alchohol/ socialising fan from London wants e-pals from anywhere aged 16+. She'll reply to all intelligently entertaining emails!

"Glas, W.C.N." ( ) likes playing Discworld Gurps and is looking to correspond with other players.

"Matarazzo" ( ) would like anyone with artistic skills to make a sketch of a cool Discworld scenario with the most known faces from the Discworld series. The sketch doesn't need to be that detailed, just enough to get a good idea/motive for a DW-picture. Black and white sketches will do just fine. He would like Rincewind to play a central part in the picture... The picture is just for fun, not commercial. Please then scan it and mail it him so he can colour it on his computer and put it up on his homepage. www.come.to/matarazzo

"Robert McKenzie" ( ) has a copy of the Wyrd Sisters Video and Death's Domain that are looking for a good home. They are 7GBP and 3GBP respectively (includes postage in UK). Both are as new - the video is the two video box set edition thing and hasn't even been watched. He is also looking for the Discworld Jigsaws (except Reaper Man) if anybody is looking to part with theirs.

"richard_mc" ( ) wonders if any PTerry fans on the Isle of Man or wherever would be so kind as to tell him the dates of Wyrd Sisters at the Gaity Theatre (or the Villa Marina, he can't remember which theatre it's on at...), Isle of Man. He is also looking for both male and female e-pals around 14 years of age who live on the island and who like PTerry and music.

"Richard Preece" ( ) is looking for someone of a similar age (17) to exchange e-mail with.

"Chris Vickers" ( ) is looking to correspond with any Discworld Fans to become e-pals. Being stationed on a US aircraft carrier limits his being in touch with what is going on in the world.

"Commander Vimes" ( ) has started a new club at www.angelfire.com/de/watchhouse

"Adam Dutton" ( ) is looking for other Discworld fans to exchange emails with.

3. Readers' Letters

If you have any letters/comments, please email

We assume any correspondence is eligible for use in the newsletter unless otherwise stated, including the sender's email address. We may also edit your letters to fit in with the views of the somewhat self righteous hierarchy of this newsletter.

Each month the writer of the month's best letter will receive two Discworld badges with PTerry quotes on them from Snapdragon Gifts. You can contact Snapdragon Gifts at or www.snapdragongifts.com. Please mention DWM in any correspondence.

* From: "Andy Reynolds" ( )
Having read most of the letters in the June issue, I would like to say how much I agree with Suzanne Moss. Yes the animation of Wyrd Sisters and Soul Music was and is a disgrace, especially in this day and age of technology. The expression 'if you pay peanuts' comes to mind.

Which brings me to my next point. The somewhat self righteous hierarchy of this newsletter no doubt find it highly amusing to scoff and take the p*** out of Disney, but I'd wager that you will never see a Disney feature made in the slip shod second rate way that Pratchett's animated work is.

Anton Fowler was bang on, when he says the little men in Carpe Jugulum remind him of the smurfs.

Carpe Jugulum is albeit, just a well conceived rip off of the Smurfs. Basically one man cannot write fairy tales forever without some outside influence.

Furgle and Horseradish? funny? er.... I'll pass on that one

* From: "Cindy L Wells" ( )
In response to the reader who pointed out a similarity between the blue men in Carpe Jugulum and the smurfs, it seems he might have missed out on what was actually one of my favourite jokes in the book. Instead of Pixies, these men were called Pictsies. Any look back into ancient Britain would reveal that the blue colour of the men undoubtably comes from woad, a favourite body makeup of the Picts and other ancient Britons (if you've seen the movie Braveheart you will have seen it in action). I was extremely puzzled about the blue colour of the little men, both on the cover and in the early narrative, until I found out they were called Pictsies and burst out laughing.

WB replies: For this insight, Cindy receives Letter of the Month. Regrettably, even some of the staff here at DWM hadn't got the Pictsies joke...

* From: "Matthew S Smith" ( )
I write regarding Anton Fowler's comment on the likeness between the Pictsies in CJ and the Smurfs (small, blue, etc.) I would say that he is a braver man than I, and I hope, for his sake, that none of the Nac mac Feegle read DM... (Unlikely, since theirs seems a pre-literate society.)

* From: "Tanya DuRose" ( )
In one of your recent issues of Discworld Monthly you gave out details of "The Music Store" as a supplier of Discworld videos. I attempted to get a boxed set of Soul Music from them but they have none in stock and informed me that they are not intending to get any further stock.

If there is anywhere else that you know of that I can get a boxed set of Soul Music please, please, please let me know.

JA replies: If anyone knows where to obtain these videos, please, please, please let us know. I have recently discovered Odean Filmstore, who have, in PAL VHS format, both the Discworld Videos, as well as Truckers and Johnny and the Dead. www.filmstore.co.uk/

* From: "toon delie" ( )
As the tone was set to ask some questions last month, I have a little puzzle for anyone willing to rack their brains over it. Seeing as the light on the Disc travels at the same speed as sound (I can't remember who proved it, but I recall that it was done with the help of slaves with quick reflexes), how come that it doesn't disperse in strong winds or fade over distances, as sound does. Maybe some quantum scientist/Discworld fan could clear matters up for me.

RM (Science Ed.) replies: Leave me alone! I haven't finished Science of the Discworld yet!

* From: "Eslington" ( )
In reply to Mike Jackson's letter last month:

An interesting point about L-Space, however the Librarian is not one to over abuse L-space. I've probably forgotten some but as far as I can recall he's only used L-Space twice in the books, once in "Guards! Guards!", where he only travels back to the time of the opening scenes and once in "Small Gods", where he probably just travelled in space, not time as the philosophers from "Pyramids" are present. L-space is clearly not a simple thing to use, there's all sorts of complications that mostly involve pan-dimensional wossnames trying to rip your face off, and anyone smart enough to be able to navigate the perils of L-space is probably smart enough not to try to mess with time, which would probably lead to the wrath of the Auditors or the creation of a unpleasant paradox. If L-space was so easily useable, the Librarian would probably just use it to win a fortune by betting on races so he could buy his own banana plantation.

* From: "Shobhana Singh" ( )
I've been receiving your magazine for a while now, and do enjoy it a lot, but have been thinking about new suggestions.

There was a letter from 'Richard Burton' mentioning funny one-liners, and I really think you should do a section featuring these - ie. people could email their favourite ones in. Seeing as it's my suggestion, I would like to submit this one: ' "Susan's gotta poker, you know", it said, as if anxious to be helpful. WELL, WELL. INDEED. MY GOODNESS ME. "I fort - *thought* all of you knew that now. Larst - *last* week she picked a bogey up by its nose." ' (Small child of unidentifiable sex, talking to Death, p.427, The Hogfather)

What about a feature where people can suggest famous actors to play the parts of PTerry's characters - my recommendation would be Emma Chambers as Magrat Garlick (obvious, really) and an English Natalie Portman as Susan Sto Helit.

* From: "Meike Bauerlein" ( )
NUREMBERG (UP) - A complex fantasy film based on the books of the English cult author Terry Pratchett ("Equal Rites", "Mort") is to be filmed with a 40 million deutschmark budget about new year 2000/2001 in Dinkelsbuehl, Rothenburg ob der Tauber or also in Ansbach.

The mega project was promised yesterday at the Nuremberg "Lokalrundfunktage" (conference of local broadcast stations) by the chairman of the "Bundesverband Produktion" (federal production association), Marc-Oliver Dreher. Dreher visited the places mentioned with an English director, whose name he wanted to tell just as little as the title of the planned movie.

The film producer was enthusiastic about the "unaffected romantic". A decision will be made in autumn '99 dependent on the support by the Bavarian film and television fund and on the co-operation of the Franconian cities.

The was also mention of Sean Connery playing THE DEATH.

WB replies: oh God, no.

* From: "Dario Lovell" ( )
I really need some advice. After three years of nagging, my mother has finally agreed to read a Discworld novel! (Yay!) Now, my dilemma is this: which book? It has to be a good introduction to the Discworld, so The Colour of Magic would be an obvious choice, but I feel as if this is not representative of the series, as the style is slightly different. My first Discworld was Witches Abroad, which I loved, but I found it a little hard to get into PTerry's writing style. So, any ideas?

JA replies: Wyrd Sisters may be a good start with its obvious Shakespearian inspiration.

* From: "harry astbury" ( )
wiv begards ter miz micerler er wazzernammealmer ...ohh thats better cant type without me teeth in..err oh yeah almost forgot dinn- i-a; as a 45 year old crumblie farver of 2 ingrates (sorry its so easy to articleate like em, they are only 18+13, kids ay whood av em) I find that just the opposite applies around here. they watch the vidioes, and enjoy them, but read a book, never. And so to Miss Nicola Parmer, I think (yep, can still do it after all these years) that in fact you are enjoying the Discworld as bedtime stories and had better not let daddy (sexist or what!) find you on his "puter".. well thats all as you will find this very hard to read...regards from a crumblie (sorry really must go, simpsons on tv see ya...

* From: "Geoff Hunt" ( )
With reference to Andrew J Raby's missive. I would defend Josh Kirby's illustrations of the luggage, because crabs run sideways and they are vicious little sods too. As for the number of feet, I'm sure that there really are 100's but due to the thaumic influences of Discworld they can't all be seen at once.

* From: "Jim Hitchin" ( )
I have noticed something in The Last Continent on page 38 (hardback edition) of the book. Rincewind when writing in his diary puts Sunday then Monday and according to the Discworld diary and the companion there is an Octday after Sunday and before Monday. A friend of mine said it could be because his was on XXXX, but how would he know, he did not even know where he was! So what is happening? I think the main answer to this is that Terry Pratchett said at one point in an interview that he made mistakes because he did not take notes or any thing!

* From: "Anne Backer" ( )
I know this is (more than) a bit petty, but if you go around correcting errors, you might as well do it correctly

Mark Oosterveen wrote: )Now look, I know this is a bit petty, but if you're going to do )some trivia questions every month you may as well get them right. )Firstly, Drum Billet was NOT reincarnated as a tree in Equal Rites, )he was reincarnated as an ant (read the last section).

then why does it say (on page 34 of my book): "At least you're useful now, thought Granny. Better a tree than a wizzard, eh?"

probably the tree was cut down soon after, because in the end Drum Billet is indeed an ant dragging sugar lumps onto a tiny trolley.

* From: "Name witheld for obscure and sinister reasons"
Call me old-fashioned, but I simply enjoy PTerry's books for the simple pleasure of reading and re-reading them. However, on this occasion I feel I must respond to smozel's comments. Obviously here we have one of those people who, unless it IS a Disney cartoon, can not quite grasp a different animation technique. Perhaps they should get out more. Personally, I felt the animated versions not only did the books justice, the stories lost nothing, they were well cast in terms of the voices, the surround-sound effects added so much depth and the animation was superb. Not *quite* sure what the comment about bottom lips has to do with anything. I will always hold that swearing in an email is a little hysterical--don't you think? So perhaps I ought to suggest the following tricky piece of advice: DON'T WATCH IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT. Myself and my partner are both desperately hoping for more of these interesting, different, well produced, excellent animated versions of the Discworld novels. Here's to many more animated projects of any kind and an end to such killjoys.

WB replies: Setting aside the difficulty of transferring a novel into another medium, I chiefly object to the crass commercialism implicit in the production of these cartoons. And sure we don't HAVE to buy them, but it irritates the hell out of me that the marketing guys assume we will WANT to. [Bill has now gone to lie down in a dark room for a while - ED]

* From: "PACAWORG" ( )
With reference to Anton Fowlers letter regarding PTerry's latest project THE SCIENCE OF THE DISCWORLD. Someone hasn't been paying attention!!

In every interview I have seen/read about PTerry recently (i.e., the past year or so) and in several other sources, including this most excellent newsletter it has been well documented that the aforementioned book is a science text book. We all know of PTerry's fascination with all things quantum, he also seems quite smitten with the fascinating sub-sea hydrothermal vent communities which he mentions in at least two books (Moving Pictures and Hogfather).

I would humbly suggest that the purpose of his book is to present REAL SCIENCE in a light hearted manner with a short story running through the text as a bit of added light relief, NOT as a game of hunt the story. Mr Fowler would benefit greatly from reading the whole book. PTerry and his co-authors have, I am sure, put an awful lot of diligent study into this book. They might be a little miffed if they were to realise that great chunks of this highly informative book were considered little more than padding

* From: "Prosser" ( )
In reply to ConMan's letter last month: When did Rincewind perform magic due to the sourcerer???

With reference to Chris Rogers' letter last month, this is what happens:

  1. Fires accidently while Vimes and Dr Cruces struggle
  2. Vimes shoots off the door
  3. Shoots at roof to send guild members running
  4. Shoots chandelier for same said purpose
  5. Shoots another lock

Sorry Chris, no prizes.

* From: "Nikki" (please foward replies via )
I know this may sound sad to all you older members of the disc, but is there actually an Unseen University? I mean on the net, or in books I 'spose but I have to know.

* From: "Francesco" ( )
Italy is the only place on Earth where PTerry is almost unknown. And this is not because pizza and pasta affect people brains, but simply because all italian publishing houses found PTerry books' royalties too expensive to buy so simply gave up and put their effort on other authors (above all French ones) with no regard of the terrible loss that their readers will suffer.

So, in an italian bookshop, you can swim between Pennac works but you won't be able to find any PTerry books (You could say "who's Pennac?", that is exactly the same answer you will get if you ask to an Italian if he knows PTerry). To be honest there's a minor Italian publishing house who bought the royalties of the first six PTerry books, and I bought them too, even if I already had the english version. But, apart of the poor translation of the text, the lack of a proper advertisement made this effort fail (only the first two books where released and since last year I never found the next). So, please, in the name of literature, contact you-know-who and help me to bring some culture in my country. I can't go on lending my books to the few who can read english.

4. Review: Clarecraft Discworld Event 1999

The 1999 Clarecraft event took place over the weekend of 30th July - 1st August 1999 in a field just outside Woolpit in Suffolk. Nearly 1400 tickets were sold. Once we arrived and eventually erected our tent we wandered down to the traders post where various Discworld Merchandisers could be found, including Clarecraft, the Cunning Artificer, the 2000 Convention Committee and of course Dave Hodges, whose bird of prey, Lady Jane, is apparently 40 years old.

Clarecraft were selling unpainted characters for crazy prices, which, if that way inclined, you were able to paint in an area provided.

Bernard (The Cunning Artificer) was showing off his latest Ankh-Morpork building, the Assassins Guild, along with his new line of Discworld Jewellery.

Although there were some other activities planned such as the Discworld Sing-a-Long on Friday night, the Maskerade on Saturday night and Sunday and Dave Hodges' falconry display' everything appeared to be geared around the purchasing of Discworld goods.

I found the first day very interesting, being able to talk face to face with craftsmen like Bernard Pearson and Joe Patterson. But then found the next day just a repeat of the first.

My main criticism with the event was once you had been down, bought your bargains (and possibly painted them), what else are you going to do apart from Drink for the rest of the weekend? Which is what most people ended up doing. This became a problem too because the mobile bar had completely underestimated the amount we could drink, running out of Cider by 9:30 and many other drinks by 10:30.

I had to leave on Saturday, so I missed the Maskerade (which may have been the highlight of the show) but Elton promised that there would be much more drink ordered for that night, so they wouldn't run out again.

More information about the aftermath of the event should soon appear on Clarecraft's web site at www.clarecraft.co.uk/

5. Results of last month's - CMOT Briggs Competition

Last month CMOT Briggs asked the following questions:

Which two streets run onto Misbegot Bridge?
Wharfinger and Treacle Mine Road

How many peaks are there in the Paps of Scilla?
8 or 2 times 4

What is the principal motif on the shield of the Embalmers' Guild?
a syringe

The randomly selected winner is "Linus Knutsson" and the runners up are "Elizabeth Alway", "Eileen Daniels" and "Adam Rae".

For more detailed information about CMOT Briggs' products email and ask for a product / price list.

6. Recommendations

In order to reduce the size of the letters section with large letters recommending other authors we thought we'd keep things simple by listing the name of the person doing the recommendation and the recommendation itself.

Discworld FanAuthor
Gethyn JonesSimon R. Green
Harold BakkerR.A. Lafferty
Han BRobert Rankin

An anonymous (ok we lost their name) Discworld Fan told us about Deandra's list of good comic-fantasy authors at members.tripod.com/de_29/home.html

7. DiscTrivia

Hi, sorry for the lack of questions last month - technical difficulties right at the last minute. Yeah, I know, that's what they all say. Anyway, this month we have a guest question-setter, Andrew Jones ( ) who took time out from being whipped by me to do some work on the game to write them just for you. The game is coming along slowly, we are not looking for further help at this stage, though you are welcome to join the list at www.listbot.com/subscribe/disctrivia - or why not look at the Discworld Ring, now with over 30 sites - www.users.bigpond.com/Hormel Enjoy your trivia, and I'll see you next month,

Danu Poyner - Brisbane, Australia

With Jason Ogg's hand-knitted socks, one could kick one's way through: A - the Lancre Mountains B - a solid wooden door C - a wall D - all of the above

Who or what is the Nac mac Feegle's Kelda?

Igor's dog, Scraps, is as happy as a dog with two x's. This is because he has got two x's. What body part is x?

Mightily-Praiseworthy-Are-Ye-Who-Exalteth-Om Oats (otherwise known as Mightily Oats), the Omnian priest who has come to name Margaret & Verences' new daughter, makes an unfortunate mistake whilst naming the child. What is that mistake?

What is the Muntab question?

8. Review: The Science of Discworld - Second Opinion

Anyone buying the Science of Discworld and expecting a Discworld book is going to be as disappointed as someone buying the Tao of Pooh to read to their children. Come to that, anyone buying it and expecting a book about the science of the Discworld (slow light, magical fields and the like) is going to be disappointed too. Just as the story of Eric was really only an excuse to allow Josh Kirby to do a few Discworld paintings, so the story within the Science of Discworld is only there to help Ian Stuart and Jack Cohen illustrate current theories on life, the universe and everything (but then, the cover should be a dead giveaway: it isn't by Josh Kirby)

The basic premise of the book is that the wizards of Unseen University accidentally create a miniature universe similar to our own and, as PTerry writes about their observations of and interference with the evolution of the 'Project', so Stuart and Cohen explain what's happening in scientific terms. The problem with writing a complete history of the universe is that it necessarily has to begin with some pretty esoteric physics - the Big Bang and all that. I reckon this may put a lot of people off reading the rest of the book, which is a shame because it is a very enjoyable and informative read. My recommendation is that if you find any of the chapters a little heavy going (I'm talking about the scientific ones here, not the Discworld story), ignore it and go on to the next. The Discworld part of the book is not one of PTerry's finest stories, though of course it has its moments, and probably wouldn't work too well as a stand-alone book. But, in fairness, it was never intended to be read in isolation, and each chapter gives a nice taster of what is to come in the next scientific bit. In fact I suspect that a completely non-scientific-orientated reader would learn more than they realised from the goings on at UU.

At first the style is a bit meandering (rather like this review) and I even noticed a mistake (p82: as any GCSE science student knows F=ma not a=mF) [You what, mate? - WB], but there are some pretty interesting bits - especially the description of eka-lead. A little before the half way stage the book starts on planet Earth and begins to get really interesting. It's curious that when discussing the nature of the universe, things further away and longer ago than we can possibly imagine, the style of writing is far more authoritative and certain than when describing what we think happened on Earth in the last few hundred million years.

I understand that the purpose of this book is to help popularise science, but I wonder how much of an impact it can have. Most of the people who are into the Discworld will be of a reasonable intelligence (except the ones who have only ever watched the cartoons or played the computer games, of course). They have probably been educated to a point at which they have had to decide between science, art, languages and the like at school. I don't know if anyone will be converted to have an interest in science because of this book, I can't really comment because I decided on science anyway.

My favourite bit: when enough of the background radiation of the universe had been mapped out, the information was used it to create a picture 'taken' a fraction of a second after the Big Bang. The irregularities in the explosion were described as Gods fingerprints:

'Look I can stick my fingers right in it,' said the Dean. The wizards watched in horror. The Dean's fingers were visible, darkly, within the sphere, outlined in thousands of tiny sparkling lights?

Later on, the wizards wondered if the new universe might have been different if the Dean had waggled his fingers in a different way .

9. The End

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* Answers to this month's DiscTrivia Questions *

With Jason Ogg's hand-knitted socks, one could kick one's way through:
C - a wall.

Who or what is the Nac mac Feegle's Kelda?
Big Aggie

Igor's dog, Scraps, is as happy as a dog with two x's. This is because he has got two x's. What body part is x?
His tail.

Mightily-Praiseworthy-Are-Ye-Who-Exalteth-Om Oats (otherwise known as Mightily Oats), the Omnian priest who has come to name Margaret & Verences' new daughter, makes an unfortunate mistake whilst naming the child. What is that mistake?
He names her "Esmerelda Margaret Note Spelling of Lancre".

What is the Muntab question?
"Where the hell's Muntab?"

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